Asre Goftego Qalam, Cultural & Artistic (AGQ) institute based in Tehran (register No. 3/16/1/30125), specializes in designing and implementing tailor-made & practical-oriented training courses, and internship programs for NGO leaders, government officials, educators, business people, and company owners, within the framework of seminars / webinars and educational tours In Iran and European and Asian countries.

Our staff members are our most critical resource, ensuring that our programs, are expertly promoted, organized, and implemented, and enhancing participants’ program experience through direct support during stateside and overseas programs, or Iranian entrepreneurs and business actives.

One of the significant approaches of Asre Goftego Qalam is to expand the geographical scope of national and international conferences to utilize the potential of international professors as well as to invite worldwide scientific and management figures to communicate effectively within the country. The Institute has also strived to continue its close relationships with accredited European universities and business schools in the forms of vocational training for Iranian entrepreneurs and business actives.

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