Attracting foreign investors in the direction of a resilient economy December 26th-27th 2018

Third Business Management Training Course in collaboration with Iran Chamber of Commerce Education & Research Institute and German DMAN Academy Management school was held in Iran Chamber of Commerce venue on 26th -27th  Dec 2018  by expertise professors ;

  • Fred Lodulph, CEO of Goldex Investment Company
  • Francois Viallet Sales Manager of DCM-ATN in Paris and Director of Corporate Support and Customer Support DCM-USIMECA
  • Mina Alavash,

 Mina Alavash ,Education  Director of ICCIMA Education & research Institute welcomed and introduced  the lecturers and the importance of the seminar subjects , that can be some guidance for business people who are trading with Europe market in the field of export and import.

“In this course, the following subjects were taught by Prof. Fred Ludolph;

  • How we can attract investors all over the world and how to grow your company so successfully . Take the available opportunities in the job market, and get rid of the tough and crisis condition  .
  • How to solve finance crisis situation.
  • How to prepare your company business plan
  • provided material for economic crisises solution , product and customer service (the famous triangle of cost, time and quality), emotional intelligence.

Dr.Viallet stated-  The familiarity with the culture and behavior of the Iranian and French was as one of the most important factors during nine years work in Iran. Then Dr. Viallet added,  the sales volume between the two countries and the reputation of French companies’ products is one of the points of successful  sale in France and also with high quality of  Iran trade transaction.

Dr. Viallet continued, the banks’ problems in dealing with Iran is one of the business dilemmas which it can be solved with some small finance  institutions and banks to be  engaged with Iran.

At the end Dr.Viallet pointed out, about  the importance of the contracts of sale and purchase among the businessmen, which can protect them from many losses.