Change Management in Resistance Economy and Trade in the CIS Region – How to do successful business with the European market. February 18 & 19, 2019 – Prof. Fred Ludolph- Mr. Francois Viallet

The lecture began with a welcome speech and introduction by Ms. Mina Alavash  the Director of Education of the Iran Chamber of Commerce Education and Research Institute at 9:00 AM.

The Fourth Business Management Course in collaboration with Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Education Institute and German DMAN Academy on “Ways to Attract European Investors to Iran”, “Business Interactions with CIS Countries” , “Change Manegement”  and “How to do successful business with the European market “to the Resistance Economy . They paid the following;

In this training course, Which was organized by Asre Goftego -Qalam Institute, with

PRO.Fred lodulph Managing Director of Goldex Investment Company

MR.Francois Viallet Sales Manager of DCM-ATN in Paris and DCM-USIMECA Customer Support & Support Manager,

Prof.Fred lodulph on 18th Feb seminar started with; In companies, it has been said that in the first 3 years, the company will either go bankrupt or succeed, and this is due to their business model, which is either well-regulated or weak. In any case, if the manager has the ability, the manager should immediately change the way he works when there is a possibility of failure, and that is when the manager has a good aristocracy. In fact, change management can be called a system in which tools, knowledge and resources are involved.

Why General Motors went bankrupt, then what factory bought it, and then how to change its management system. This was an example that the professor pointed out and clearly explained the impact of change management. The previous management system is not always efficient, it may be full of experience, but now it has been proven that 70-80 percent of managers’ attention should be spent on communication. Be customers. Change management needs to happen. One of these changes is teamwork.

The main characters in change management should be as follows:

– Vision thinking

– Having a high degree of emotional intelligence

– Purposeful, endurance and perseverance

– Creativity, flexibility, side thinking, strategy, scenario thinking

– Passion, obsession (struggle for success)

– Judging power, decision-making ability

– Tendency to take risks

– Communication competence

– The desire to learn in the long run

– Wishing to be independent

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Fred Ludolph discussed the Blue Ocean strategy. The only way to fight and beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition.

The question is: how do you get out of the red ocean and the bloody competition to create irrelevant competition?

The Blue Ocean strategy is to create a new and secure market space for traders. Most blue oceans are made from the inside. The Red Oceans are competing for blood as the industry expands across borders.

Trade in CIS region – February 19th Feb ( Morning time )

In the CIS region, Russia has the largest trade market. Russian people are more emotional and have more emotional relationships, and often try to win the heart of the customer if the German market is more formal and logical. The figures are working, due to this difference, the establishment of business relations in a warm and intimate atmosphere will lead to a long-term relationship and the trust of the parties will be more attracted.

CIS maps show that Russia is at the top. Turkmenistan is a country that is not consistently in the CIS but has good oil and gas activity. Ukraine is a country that withdrew from the CIS due to disputes. There are a number of companies that work with CIS countries, but most of their business activities are with Russia.

In the case of various Russian cities, Moscow is the largest city, with 70% of companies and financial institutions concentrated, and mining companies and Haysiadi Holding are based in Moscow. Russia’s economy is growing and the inflation rate is 3.68%, which is very low. But the corruption index in this country is very bad. Corruption is more prevalent in government-affiliated companies, and in private companies, corruption is less common.

Successful factors to enter the CIS market

– Study the market before entering the market

– Care and review of potential partners

– Communication management (network communication)

– Accounting management is one of the most important issues for senior managers

– Time and speed of gold

– Create an experienced team

– Speed in creating appropriate reagents for use in advertising

– Creating operational excellence

– Long-term orientation for business in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Legal structure to start working with the CIS market

1- Sales directly (by finding the right partner)

2- Having a representative contract – in addition to obtaining a representative office in Iran and having a contract (you can even have a Russian agency in Russia)

3- Having a capable representative (having a book or branch) – If you want to have an exclusive representation, first test yourself whether you have the ability to do so?

4- Establishment of offices in Russia

Mr. Francois Viallet on 19th Feb ( 14-18p.m ) provided material on “Understanding European markets before entry”, ways to attract investors through business plan “as well as” ways to persuade investors to invest in Iran “.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. François Viallet, presented statistics on trade between Iran and France in 2017, such as transportation, aviation, electronics, plastic and rubber products, as well as various products such as agriculture and fisheries, totaling € 1.5 million. you will arrive.

According to reports, in the first six months of 2018, we saw declines in the French aviation industry, from € 13 million to € 2 million, and the automotive industry, which reached 52% production, as well as declines in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

But in the food industry, we had an increase in non-rice grains from Iran to France. In the first six months of last year, the sales volume of France to Iran decreased by 40% and the sales volume of France to Iran was one million and fifty Euros, which according to the announced statistics of Iran was 2 million and 300 Euros sold to France.

At the end of the seminar, in a special ceremony, a valid international certificate from DMAN Academy School was awarded to the participants.