Conference on Industrial, Commercial and Service Policies on Horizon 1404- June 2016

Planning for the year 1404 AH has been planned in such a way that Iran is a developed country, independent of oil revenues and on the other hand, with the maximum activity of the private sector, with the implementation of Borjam, a new chapter of economy, production and trade has been prepared for the activists in this field.

In this regard, the conference “Industrial, Commercial and Service Policies in Horizon 1404” with the cooperation of the Horizon 1404 faction of the parliament and hosted by Asre Goftego Qalam Cultural and Artistic Institute; In order to support the entrepreneurs, researchers and economic activists of the country in order to achieve the goals of the horizon of 1404 on the one hand and to study the strategies to reach developed Iran on the other hand was held in June 2016.


Some of the proposed axes:

  • Principles of Horizon 1404
  • Private sector position in 1404
  • How to support Iranian production, trade and services on the horizon of 1404
  • Challenges ahead in the realization of the horizon of 1404

Some guests and speakers of the ceremony:

  • Honorable Chairman of Horizon 1404 Faction
  • Distinguished members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • Officials of the Presidential Institution
  • Officials of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade
  • Officials of the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare

At the end of the ceremony, the leading units and activists in various fields were honored as the best units in the perspective of 1404 horizon by this faction.