Conference on National Idea of the Seven Slogans hosted by the Asre Goftogo Qalam- May 2015

Conference on “National ideals of seven slogans”  was held in collaboration with Asre Gofetogo Qalam on May 2015 at the International Conference Center of IRIB.

This Conference aiming to emphasize the goals and aspirations of the past and current years in support of national production, national resources, national funds and modern national services .

Officials and presenters:

  • Emphasis on dynamic and competitive economy and attainment of the goals of the resistive economy.
  • Trying to present the pattern of progress of Islamic Iran.
  • To improve the living conditions of the general public.
  • Encouragement and grounding for national and economic movements.
  • Encourage and celebrate organizations and companies effective in reviving national slogans.
  • Appreciate the units and organizations that are effective in promoting progress, justice and social welfare.

Officials and presenters:

  • Top officials from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
  • High-ranking officials of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare
  • Representative of the Presidency
  • A group of MPs
  • Top officials of the Islamic Standards and Quality Assembly