Financial management in the corporate governance 7th & 8th Apr 2020

Lecturer : Prof. Wolfgang Hein

Day 1

The seminar was began at 10 a.m. with a webinar taught by Prof. Wolfgang Hein of the Manager  Institute in Hamburg, Germany.

Prof . Wolfgang Hein started the seminar with :

Mastery of the rules and methods of financial management is a prerequisite for successful corporate management. As a manager, you must therefore be fundamentally familiar with the systematics and terminology of financial management instruments. Learn about methods and tools that meet the requirements of modern financial management such as efficiency, security and profitability.

Then  he continued with the objective of this seminar, which it is as following;

You will learn how to develop your financial leadership skills in a targeted manner. You’ll  learn to understand the correlations in the company’s figures and to analyze financial reporting correctly.

Prof. Wolfgang Hein started the importance of Financial Managers tasks as ;

Financial management and overall financial management

Businesses must be managed financially. On the one hand, it is a question of management of money and capital , and on the other hand, taking into account the financial impact of all sub-decisions in a company (overall financial management).

Two ways of looking at Corporate Finance

As mentioned, the tasks of financial management of a company (corporate finance, also financial and investment management) are based on two different levels: 1. The “function” finance (financial management): raising capital and ensuring liquidity. 2. The “dimension” of finance (overall financial management): value-based management

Basic functions of financial management

The classic basic functions of financial management, which are or the finance department of a company must be covered, include: • raising money and capital, • liquidity protection and • the expedient investment of non-needed liquid assets