Great Honor of AGQ in Line with Health Protocols

According to the institute’s PR Dept.: these days, due to the world’s conflict with COVID 19, all businesses around the world have been seriously harmed, by affecting this virus.

In Iran also, due to the widespread prevalence of the corona and its epidemic throughout the country, business has become a serious problem for business owners.

Due to the serious activity of AGQ Institute in holding specialized seminars and conferences inside and outside the country, from the first days of the outbreak of this virus, an extraordinary meeting was held in the institute to deal with this virus, which was followed by coherent measures. Based on the specialized instructions of the World Health Organization WHO, measures were taken in the first step, such as effective strategies to prevent the spread among the  staff of the institute, and then according to the instructions of the Corona Virus Headquarters to hold specialized seminars in a safe environment in accordance with health protocols.

Accordingly, BRSM Company, as the exclusive executor of the implementation and issuance of international safety and health certification SHS2020 to combat the corona virus, and with regular monitoring of the activities of AGQ Institute, audited the institute and during the audit process , this institute was successful to obtain this certificate .

Observance of social distance, continuous control of personal hygiene of staff, continuous cleaning and disinfection of the environment are the most important characteristics created in the institute, which have been approved by the auditor of BRSM company.

The international SHS certificate will be issued in three groups of FSHS-GSHS-PSHS, after reviewing and ensuring the jobs meet the requirements of the BRSM company plan, according to the nature of the enterprises.