Health Technology Seminar and Transformation Methods in Hospital- 15th to 18th Feb 2015

” Health Technology Seminar and Transformation Methods in Hospital”

 Seminar was held with Asre gofetog Qalam Art & cultural Institute collaboration on 15th to 18th of February 2015  at the International Conference Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting . Health Development Office of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in cooperation with Tehran University of Medical Sciences – and the Iranian Association of Health and Biomedical Science and Information – University of Medical Sciences Innovation Headquarters were one of the main foundations of this seminar.

In this seminar, officials of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, officials of the Medical System Organization, officials of the University of Medical Sciences, members of the Health Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, professors of medical universities and officials of the General Department of Medical Equipment of Medical Sciences Universities as The speakers analyzed and evaluated the need to pay attention to health technology.

Also on the sidelines of the ceremony, HOSPIFAIR 2015 specialized exhibition was held to introduce the latest achievements of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical equipment, laboratory and dental medicine and related industries.

Conference topics:

  • Evaluation of historical hospital developments including structural and technology developments and technology reform model and patient satisfaction improvement
  • The Dimensions of New Legal Mechanisms in the Development and Deployment of New Technologies in Hospitals (New Horizon Fifth Plan for Non-Governmental Sector)
  • Development of specialist technology and manpower in the hospital (localization of technology and efficient use of specialist manpower)
  • Diversity and proliferation of knowledge-based companies in hospital sectors (capacity building and national division of labor and defining diverse activities)
  • The Role of Benefactors in the Evolution of Hospital Technology