Holding Management Training Course in Businesses by Asre Goftego- Qalam and University of Malaysia- April 2016

 A Training business course with the topic of “Management Training in Businesses” was held by  “Asre Goftego- Qalam Institute in collaboration with MMU Malaysia  in April 2016 at MMU University in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia .

Considering the principles and application of practical methods and new management standards in various fields of business as well as economic enterprises is one of the main pillars of guidance and leadership and also one of the main concerns of investors and business owners and also creating a brand and Market sales, especially volatile markets, have become one of the arts of managers and business leaders in the world. Therefore , the course was designed to familiarize managers of industrial, commercial and industrial units with new applied management methods and systems as well as to enhance the technical knowledge of managers by visiting manufacturing and industrial centers and units.

Topics discussed in the course:

  • Strategic feedback in dynamic environments
  • The changing nature of modern economics
  • Reduce the gap between different industries
  • Strategies to change with time
  • Industrial Visit (Visit Telecom Company Behrad Malaysia or Subsidiary TM)
  • Market orientation and creative marketing plans
  • Take advantage of global market opportunities
  • The Challenges and Issues of Marketing Today

Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Moralie Raman- MMU Department of Management University
  • Professor Dr. Saravan Masih- His teaching and research focuses on system analysis programming, information management systems, databases, networking and knowledge management.
  • Arthur Anderson- He has also consulted with several companies in the US including GMU and Intel, National Bank of Malaysia, UMCCFD, McPom, PACIFICTECL and TM.
  • Robert J. Kumar Nathan- PhD in International Marketing from Sabah University Malaysia

Professor Dr. Morali Raman

Professor Dr. Morali Raman, Dean of the School of Management, MMU, received his PHD in Management Information Systems (MIS) from IS&IT, University of Clermont, MBA from Imperial College London, and Human Resource Management. He graduated from the London School of Economics.

He has worked with My Bank of Malaysia (International Banking) and Exxner Consulting, and has served as a consultant to a number of US companies (University of Clermont Consortium), Ghana (GLMPA), Singapore (Asian Bank of Capel). , Australia (Monash) and Malaysia (Panasonic, OUM, RHB Intan Bank, McPenn, Malaysian Social Workers’ Association, CDC, Telecom, PNG, Malaysia Telecom, Makis and IPMA).

Professor Raman specializes in strategic design, creative intelligence systems, sustainable technology management, knowledge management systems, and crisis management. At the end of Professor Raman’s Golden Leaf, there are several articles he has published in collaboration with his research team in the field of management.

Professor Dr. Saravanan Masih

Dr. Saravan received his PHD in IT from George Simon University in the United States. In his research, he developed an adaptive algorithm based on real-time input data in web domains, increasing its accuracy from 56% to 92%.

During his time at MMU, Professor Saravanan focused on teaching and researching system analysis programming, management information systems, databases, networking, and knowledge management, which led him to publish more than 30 articles in journals, books, and workshops. And present international conferences; In addition to working with IBM, INTEL and Arthur Anderson International Trading Company, he has been a consultant to several companies in the United States, including GMU and Intel, Malaysia Bank, UMCCFD, McPam, PACIFICTECL and TM.

Dr. Robert Jiacomar Nathan

Dr. Robert Giacomo Natan holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing management from MMU, and holds a PhD in International Marketing from Sabah University in Malaysia. He is working with WARH-SWFE-T Consulting and Infineon Technology (Simi Kondaktor Siemens) in Munich.

His expertise in production statistics, toxic data analysis of conductors, quality control and management of IT projects made Robert one of the leading faculty members of the School of Business at MMU; Marketing, IT management, research methods, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and the training courses he conducts are mostly in the areas of communication, leadership, organizational behavior, and ethical intelligence, and ultimately win-win behavior in negotiation. Regarding Dr. Nathan’s academic standing, it should be noted that he teaches at the Universities of Newcastle and Lon gong and is well-deserved.