Holding of DMAN educational course with the title of Management Strategy and Business Plan in Germany

According to public relations of Asre-Qalam culture and art institution, on 29th July 2019 educational course of DMAN Management School with the title of “Management Strategy and Business Plan in Germany” was held by the presence of Prof .Fred Ludolph- The CEO of Goldex Investment Company- and Ms. Inga Markwart – Director of Communications- and Ms. Mina Alavash – Educational Director of IRAN chamber of Commerce.

On the first day of this seminar & workshop Prof. Ludolph – German instructor- discussed over Management Strategy and Business Plan subjects which was about the following issues:

  • Development of the companies’ communication by learning the efficient methods of International structure which can affect the business relation better and more beneficial.
  • Moral characteristics, financial transfer method, how to establish a company and how to communicate with Chamber of Commerce with professional negotiation and great cooperation.