Holding specialized training courses of Modern Hosting and International Formalities in Turkey

The first specialized training courses of “Modern Hosting and International Formalities” was held in Aydin University of Turkey in two forms of theory and practice by the presence of several well-known professors of AYDIN university formality college for a group of Iranian executives in the ceremonial and catering industries on 9th– 10th September 2018 with Asre Goftegoye Qalam Institute collaboration.

The crucial subject matters of this educational course which were taught to Iranian executives, was hosting rules and procedures based on the latest methods of educational content of authentic universities in European Union –  Food and Drink Services  according to Islamic laws and regulations for Islamic countries –  Basic rules of service –  Managing excellence from a human resources management perspective and etc.

Participants also visited the Istanbul Industry and Food Fair (WORLD FOOD 2018) before attending training classes.

After attending the course, participants were honored to receive a degree in formal management from AYDIN University, approved by the European Union.