Management seminar in high-risk companies- 30th September 2016

According to Asre Qalam Institute  Public Relations, getting out of the recession, developing and improving the business environment as well as economic development is one of the current needs of the country’s society and also one of the challenges facing the government in the post-Borjam era. This challenge can be overcome by educating and raising the level of awareness of companies’ owners and managers, industry managers and guilds.

In this regard, Asre Goftego Qalam Cultural and Artistic Institute, in collaboration with Allameh Tabatabai University & Jihad University, has successfully held the short-term training courses, a scientific-strategic seminar “Management in Prisco Enterprises” with a focus on overcoming the crisis and examining strategies for developing trade history, at the National Library of Iran on 30th Sep 2016.

The purpose of the seminar is to develop and improve the business environment and to study the challenges of production, sales and supply or production by expressing the practical principles of management methods and improving the scientific level of enterprise managers and high-risk guilds on which market fluctuations have a significant impact. The economic crises, the boom in the market, as well as the display, unveiling and supply of the latest achievements of this industry and related industries for introduction and marketing were held in this center.

This seminar was attended by the famous managers of high-risk economic enterprises (gold and jewelry industry, ornamental and related industries, real estate, construction investors, mass builders…) in Tehran and provinces, Among the pioneers and employers of the field and with the aim of appreciating and honoring the activists of this field and creating a culture regarding new and modern approaches of manufacturing and exploitation industry and correct modeling of global new standards, successful and leading units after expertise and evaluation by Jihad Daneshgahi of Allameh University was honored.

Some speakers and special guests of the ceremony:

1- Business Training Center (affiliated to the Institute of Studies and Research of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade)

2- professors named Allameh Tabatabai University

3- Honorable Representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

4- Honorable President of the Union of Producers and Exporters of Gold and Jewelry

5- Honorable Presidents of the National Real Estate Association

6- esteemed heads of the associate system of Tehran province

Objectives of this seminar:

– Applied principles of investment and business development

– Applied principles and techniques of marketing and negotiation

– Applied principles of strategic management methods

– Familiarity with professional sales techniques

– Factors affecting the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of applicants in the market

– Challenges and development strategies

– Applied principles of economic development methods