Official appreciation of DMAN to Mr.Ghafourian Far- 14th Feb 2020

According to the PR Dept. “Asre Goftgoo Ghalam Cultural and Artistic Institute “, 2019 was a fruitful year for this Institute for holding educational events, a year in which international productively  cooperation between this institute and the German DMAN Academy Management School was able to achieve successful  results.

Due to the extensive US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the managers of Iranian companies faced many problems in the field of import and export. One of their main concerns was how to deal with sanctions and crisis management so that they could organize their organization or company. Keep away from the consequences of economic sanctions; attending specialized seminars in Iran and Germany, and joint  venture and cooperation between the mentioned  two groups made it possible for managers of domestic companies to find a good opportunity to benefit from the scientific capacities of prominent international professors at this critical time.

In this regard,  German DMAN Management Academy School, due to this valuable cooperation, officially announced its message of gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Siroos Ghafourian Far the president  of the Institute of the Asre Goftego Qalam.