Practical Iranian Trade Conference with China Hosted by Asre Goftogo – Qalam- 26th Jan 2015

Practical Iranian Trade Conference with China Jan 26, 2015 in cooperation with the Business Training Center affiliated with the Institute for Commerce Studies and Research of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and organized by the Iranian Trade Development Organization at the International Conference Hall of IRIB.

The conference, which was held in collaboration with the Art and Culture Institute of Asre Goftogo – Qalam, was attended by businessmen, businessmen, producers, economic activists, business executives and business executives. Or to improve and facilitate imports, how to make the most of the latest developments and developments with the approach of increasing trade balance.

  • Iran’s export potential to China,
  • Trade negotiations,
  • Trade warnings with Chinese companies,
  • Trade dispute resolution, how to establish commercial offices,
  • Accreditation and identification of reputable Chinese manufacturers,
  • Introduction of accredited Chinese trade fairs,
  • Shipping,
  • Insurance and banking.

The conference is an important focus of this conference.

The officials, ambassadors and executives attending the conference include:

Mr. Afkhami- Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and Head of Iran Trade Promotion Organization

Mr. Razavi- Head of the Institute for Business Studies and Research

Mr.Asgaroladi- Head of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Yang sen – Chinese Ambassador to Iran

Mr. Safari – Former Iranian Ambassador to China

Mr. Gova- China consultant in Iran

Mr. SeyedAghazadeh- Iran Trade Advisor in China

Mr. Kamali Ardakani- Former Iran Trade Advisor in China

Captain Keshavarz- President of the Association of Shipping and Related Services

Mr. Adab- Director General of Registration and Non-Profit Organizations