The 5thConference on Investment Management in Risky Businesses and Industries – 24th Jul 2019

The fifth course of conference “Managing Investment in Risky Businesses and Industries”  was held in collaboration with the DMAN Management Academy School  in Germany on 24th Jul 2019 in international conference center of I.R.I.B and following official principles were present in this conference:

 – Dr.Klaus.Peter – German Lecturer of DMAN Academy School

 – Mr. Hashemi Tabar– Motivational Lecturer

 – Mr. Mehdi Karimi– Head of the Information Technology Development Federation of the    Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr. Amir Rezaei and Mr. Mohammad Reza Gholipour on behalf of the private sector

Mr. Mohammad Mohammad Doust– the Mayor of District 4

The main purposes of this conference were as below:

  • How to properly organize supply and demand markets based on business and business competition
  • Identifying and exploring business challenges
  • Familiarity with global CRM methods
  • Familiarity with global techniques for interacting with customers, stakeholders of business, manufacturing and service companies
  • The Role of New Technologies and Optimal Use of Virtual Space in Attracting Customers
  • Familiarity with professional sales techniques and the principles of marketing and negotiation
  • Compliance with world standards in quality control of services, cost reduction, value added and modernization of collections
  • Cost Management in the current situation