Appreciation Ms. Rousch Hannover Chamber of Commerce VP international in Middle East by Ms. Mina Alavash AGO delegate & DMAN partner in Iran region. 14th Feb 2020 – In DMAN school hall.

Asre Qalam Institute  appreciated  Ms. Rousch, Vice President of International Dept  in Middle East at Hannover Chamber of Commerce, by Ms. Mina Alavash its delegate and DMAN partner in Iran  for her very effective and impressive  support and  cooperation with the Iranian managers and owners of companies  in a ceremony in DMAN school hall.

In this ceremony Ms. Roucsh said: I  have always considered Iranians to be capable managers who have excellent business relations with the European markets, and Hanover Chamber of Commerce, in particular me ,  declare our readiness to transmit any business information, and I hope to speak soon among you powerful managers in Iran.