The International Congress of Iranian Entrepreneurship and Role Creation of Women – 30th April 2018

According to the public relations of the Cultural and Artistic Institute of Asre  Goftego Qalam, the International Congress “Entrepreneurship and Role-Playing of Iranian Women” with the presence of “Nima Kimiaei” consultant and lecturer of more than 80 reputable brands, “Fatemeh Zolghadr” MP, Fatemeh Daneshvar, entrepreneur and businessman An Iranian and a group of women entrepreneurs were held on Monday, 30th April 2018, under the auspices of Siroos Ghafourianfar at the IRIB Conference Center.

Referring to the recent activities of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in the field of women,Ms.  Zolghadr, a member of parliament, said: “In the last two years, the number of women MPs was about 18, but we had many activities in various fields to hear the voice of Iranian women.”

She continued: “When capable women in any field have experience and education, they should be able to get their rights, because families pay a lot of money for their daughters and they should have good opportunities so that we can prosper economically.” Let’s create jobs and support the country’s economy by using women.

Referring to the slogan of the year 1997,Ms. Zolghadr stated: “You know that this year’s slogan is to support Iranian goods. The use of Iranian goods by you is for entrepreneurs, and the government and the parliament should support you women so that you can produce in this sector.” And do entrepreneurship.

He added: “One of the necessities is to promote the culture of creativity and self-confidence among women for entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, in the latest statistics of entrepreneurship rankings in the world, Iran had a low rank. One of the reasons is poor advertising and that the opportunity to be seen by women entrepreneurs is not given well.

Ms. Daneshvar, a member of the city council in the fourth term, said: “About 13 years ago, I entered the field of mining. There were many difficulties. In addition, I established the Mehr Afarin charity. It covers poor mothers and children, and I entered the Chamber of Commerce in 1988 because of my interest in social work. I worked in this department for about seven years. I also experienced attending the city council, which brought me experiences. had.

She continued: “I consider myself a successful person. The wealth and capital are not money, but the most important service that God has given to human beings is that we have the power to think. The most important thing is how much of your thought you have use.

The representative of the city council stated: The effectiveness of each person depends on their knowledge, how much time you used to discover yourself. In my opinion, have a notebook for yourself and write down your abilities and principles and adhere to them, and in the course of your activities, you will prove your permanence by adhering to your principles.

She added: “If women rely on a position, I believe they are heroes and have been able to overcome obstacles and have been on the path to success. Women can be very successful in their careers because compared to the management of men, women have unique characteristics.” They have an individual; women have a great order, they have healthier business behavior, usually women do several activities at the same time, and all of these things are reserved for women, and we should appreciate it.

Referring to the problem of branding, Mr.Nima Kimiaei, a consultant and instructor of reputable brands, said: “Crowded market is our main problem in discussing branding.

He continued: “In order for an entrepreneur to know whether he is on the path or not, he must be focused and have a multi-faceted view.” To succeed in the marketplace, we need to look at different factors. If you want to work miracles, look at the market from different angles.

“Strategic success, strategic design, special style, skill, special system, personnel, appropriate structure affect the path to success,” Kimiai said.

At the end of the ceremony, the women entrepreneurs were honored.