The Ninth International Business Course- 9th & 10th Jun 2020

Successful Sales Methods- 9th Jun 2020

Innovation Management –  10th Jun 2020

The Rules of Business registration in Germany- 10th Jun 2020

The successful sales webinar began with a speech by Prof. Klaus – Peter Wagenfuhr  from  DMAN Academy  Management School, at  10 a.m. Iranian time on June 9th.

Before the webinar began, Ms. Alavash, Director of Education and International Affairs at Asre Goftego Qalam Institute, spoke about the importance of this webinar and compensating for sales losses during the Corona era, and emphasized that the content of the webinar was suggested to the DMAN School by the order of AGQ  Institute, and the professor has prepared his educational program based on this.

Prof. Wagenfuhr started; There is no patent recipe for sales success. It depends on the skills of the sales persons how they master their success. This webinar will demonstrate various methods to successfully sell products and/or services.

He continued: There are 6-Steps Sequence in a Sales Process;

1-Customer landscape mapping

2- Opportunity scouting

3- Account analysis

4- Solution set-up

5- Negotiation and closure of deal

6- Fulfillment and monitoring

Prof, Wegenfuhr explained , how successful marketing systems can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing in companies.

  • Hunting and agriculture – protect current business and capture growth opportunities with new customers.
  • Value Selling Framework – The method aims to develop a roadmap for the complete sales cycle that is transferable and can therefore be used again and again.
  • Online SEO Marketing – This has the advantage that you can reach potential customers with your advertising message when they are interested in a product or service offered by your company.
  • Recommended marketing – To what extent and whether your customers recommend you at all, you can hardly actively control. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the power of word of mouth & Co., as well as customer criticism.

Innovation Management,

Innovation management is the systematic planning, management and control of innovations in organizations. In contrast to creativity, which deals with the development of ideas, innovation management is also geared towards the exploitation of ideas or their implementation in economically successful products or services.

Successful innovations are not only the result of technological competence, rational decisions and intelligent process and resource management.

Path model for innovation in the company,

1-Determination of the objective function

2-Determination of resources

3-Determination of innovation strategy

Prerequisites for Creativity

Empathy is the core of a human-centered creativity process. The empathies mode is the work we do to understand people, within the context of our market challenge. It is our effort to understand the way people do things and why, their physical and emotional needs, how they think about world, and what is meaningful to them.

In the creative process, Prof, Wagenfuhr  alluded-   how to be creative – design thinking , approach based on Hackathon’s theories.

Such as: the first phase, defining the problems and presenting the solution of the push

The second phase is empathy

The third phase, the ideal “we could”

phase 4, prototype – implement the best idea

phase 5, Test – Collect feedback

In the afternoon of June 12, Mr. Misaghi spoke about the regulations on how to register a company in Germany and how to apply for a residence permit.

Mr. Misaghi advised that in order to register a company in Germany, they should first consult with a tax expert and, of course, prepare a business plan for their company based on international standards and standards before consulting with a tax expert.

After registering the company, you need a notary to select the location of the company and select the employee to provide the necessary guidance, because without the location and employee of the activity and the name of your company will be identified as money laundering to the German government.

After completing the initial steps of registering a company, you will open a bank account. At this stage, you should know that since the US sanctions on Iran, none of the German banks are allowed to open accounts for Iranians, and at this stage you must have a German who It is better to be the same tax expert as the CEO of the company to open a bank account in his name.

Mr. Misaghi continued to answer many of the participants’ questions, such as the company’s registration fees and the necessary permits to obtain a residence visa.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be given a certificate of attendance on two educational days by DMAN Academy School.