The Second International Congress as a Webinar
Smart Management in Business and Urban Economy Management Strategies By Two Leading Iranian and Turkish Professors to Face the Corona Crisis

The 2nd International Congress on Smart Management in Business and Urban Economics was held as a webinar with the participation of entrepreneurs and managers of domestic companies.

The first part of this congress was held on Saturday, April 18, 2020, at 3:00 PM Iranian local time, in the form of an online educational workshop with the participation of scientific and prominent professors of Aydin University of Turkey, Dr. Hakan Okai and Dr. Nima Kimiaei & Engineer Mohammad Reza Hosseinian the Consultants and instructors of internal business.

Hakan Okai, a lecturer and prominent member of Aydin University in Turkey, said: “Given the prevalence of coronavirus, most things happen through the virtual world and the Internet., and we have to adapt to this situation.”

He continued: “If people can do something regularly, in 21 days, it will become a daily habit after 21 days and can be well controlled and guided.

“It’s true these days that everyone is quarantined, but managers and brand owners should not quarantine their own brand, because they have to keep in touch with suppliers and customers and keep their customers,” he said.

He added: “These days, you should not talk about the campaign and products, but you should be aware of your customer’s health and ask about his condition so that your relationship with the customer is not lost.”

“The most important thing during the Corona era is that you have to protect your employees and workers because they are like members of your family and you should not lose them, this crisis will end and you will be together again, and you have to support them ” he said.

If you lose them, you should start from scratch after Corona.

“During this time, focus more on your products and services and see if you can make changes to your products and services that fit the customer’s needs today, and keep up the good work,” said Hakan Okai.

On the other hand,Dr.  Kimiai, a teacher and motivational consultant, said: “According to the polls, 99% of businesses were involved in the negative atmosphere of Corona, and this is a successful team that is going through this crisis.”

“It’s a blessing for big companies because big companies are flexible in times of crisis, and that’s very important, but if there is no crisis, medium-sized companies will be the first,” he said. They quickly copy the techniques and go to the big companies and there is no cost for them, so you have to be careful of the average in critical situations.

“There are a lot of competitors around you, you have to focus on the market,”Dr. Nima  Kimiai explained of the use of opportunities in times of crisis. Those who do not succeed in the crisis are because they are not focused, and our problem is that we do not accept the crisis because there are opportunities in the heart of any threat that we can make good use of.

He said: “This year, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, people have turned to cyberspace more, and we must take cyberspace seriously.”

Dr. Kimiai continued: Introduce your new product from three processes. Pay more attention to internal, external marketing and customer interaction. Most companies are destroyed in these crises because they do not have the right strategy to provide resources in the right place at the right time.

“In crises, you have to maintain team cohesion, be strong; lead the team, the customer and the market well,” Kimiai said.

“Strengthen leadership capacity, increase customer engagement and have a leadership culture. Of course, your leadership needs to have a process for team studies, group members, collection coverage, corporate virtual behavior, the process is very effective.” the consultant said.

“In the end, I can say try to be the champion of your business after Corona, because you have to increase your capacity so that you can attract good people like a magnet,” Kimiai said.

The second part of this congress, which includes holding a side exhibition to introduce the latest achievements and services of the collections, with the presence of activists in the relevant fields, will be held on June 20, 2020 at the International Conference Center of IRIB. The introduction and celebration of the collections will be done after the evaluation and expertise stages at the end of this congress.

Also, parts of this webinar will soon be published in the form of a video file on the site of Asre Gofetgo Qalam Institute.