The second specialized training in radial clothing-3th & 4th May 2019

The second specialty training course “Technique Clothes”, sponsored by the Fashion and Clothing Regulatory Working Group, took place on  3th  – 4th May at the Hotel Laleh.

During this training course the following topics were taught to the participants:

  • Collections (CAGE) in Scarlett’s , new and consuming items
  • Several models of copper sleeves (fashion)
  • Sewing underwear in order to fix the limbs
  • Embroidery patterning in the embroidered personal business method
  • Hem for lining and lining desert and wicker layout and copying

Feresheh Ganjineh »The lecturer and designer, about this course said: The first training session was 9th January, 2017 and the participants started enrolling for the second course. We also taught the “mulberry weaving” style of weaving mat used in “collar”, “sleeve”, “pants” and skirt.