The sixth business management training course : Business Management & Assessing the risks and impacts of sanctions directly on 23th-24th Jul 2019

Lecturers :

 Dr.Klaus.Peter Wagenfuhr –  (Germany )/ Mr.Paul.Arthur Luzu  ( France )

Venue  : Iran Chamber of Commerce building

 Dr. Wagenfuhr ; Iranian companies have the potential to play a role in the international arena

6th Business Management Course in collaboration with ICCIMA  Institute and German DMAN Academy School was started by  Mina Alavash– The Director of Education ICCIMA Institute.

 Mina Alavash, while introducing the professors,  about holding this training course, said: “We tried to invite the professors of economic experts of European countries, including Germany and France, to the producers and exporters of the country according to the imposed sanctions with practical methods and transfer of experience to participate in the markets.” Prepare internationally.

Dr. Klaus.Peter Wagenfuhr, a German lecturer about the competitive market in the Blue Ocean said;

 “The Blue Ocean is based in France, which talks about different strategies, how to do different things,” The Blue Ocean is an example of an island that is pristine and untouched, no one comes close to it. You can easily swim there,”.

But in the Red Ocean there is no space for swimming, all competing against each other and pushing each other to become known only and there is no peace.

The German lecturer explained: “You can be active in the blue ocean market and introduce your products well, easily introduce new ideas. Of course, in the blue ocean, customer focus is very important and this focus is a prerequisite.

“I believe that sanctions are not reasonable for any country and should not be under pressure,” said Dr. Klaus Peter. The Iranian people can compete with foreign products with their creativity in world markets.

“People in other countries do not have accurate information about Iranian products, only saffron and pistachios are known. Iranian producers have to introduce other products to the world markets,” he said.

On the second day of the Business Management Training Course Mr.Paul.Arthur Luzu French teacher on topics such as: assessing the risks and impacts of sanctions directly, presenting authorized and unauthorized private companies, familiarizing with the tools required by the creditors of the parties in business interactions International, familiarity with the tools needed for the credits of the parties in international business interactions, Indicates the risks and negative effects of sanctions indirectly, Investigating and familiarizing with global banking systems from money exchange to money transfer, Organizing and shipping processes, interoperable products were delivered in compliance with European law, how to open a commercial bank account and the indirect implications of sanctions while maintaining the confidence of foreign companies.