The Smart Business Management and Urban Economics Congress – 19.Jun. 2019

The Smart Business Management and Urban Economics Congress urban economy, was held on 19.Jun. 2019 in I.R.I.B at International Central Hall by Asre Goftego Qalam Institute .

The main subject of the congress was The Creation of two million new jobs that nobody knows their name.

  • Hamid Sepidnam(Mr. Tister)- Chief Executive Officer of Caspid Company;

People on Facebook and social networks have chosen the right marketing direction, then  he added, Keep up-to-date news on your influencer page, use live and story at the same time, also enjoy celebrity pages and proper hashtags.

  • Morteza Talee- Chairman of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism.
  • Elnaz Hadidi- University lecturer and director of the Institute of Fashion Designers;

“Electronic or smart fabrics are referred to as fabrics that digitize parts from batteries and small lights to computers, they put very small ones inside.”

Clothes made from smart fabrics can help a lot in medical care. Researchers say there will come a day when we will not choose clothes because of their shape, but rather because of the work we do for them. For example, we choose fabrics that store energy and are capable of controlling heat in extremely cold and hot conditions.

In the final part, Mr. Rezai, the founder of the commercial services brand of Thousand Services company, said, Mr.  Azeri Jahromi, the minister of communications, long ago pointed that, we are moving to a country where 6,000 jobs are on the verge of extinction and two million jobs are created, fewer knows about the new ones. Rezai said: We can no longer be traditionally just as consumers but we need change our future path.