The third meeting of DMAN & Asre-Goftegoye- Qalam Institute training course for 2020

On Dec. 9, Ms. Mina Alavash, the delegate and partner of  DMAN Management Academy school in Iran region, met Mr. Harald Becker the School president of DMAN at the school in Germany to design and plan the educational events between Asre – Qalam Institute and DMAN School in 2020.

Mr. Becker, welcomed the continued cooperation with Asre-Goftego –Qalam Institute as their sole agent in Iran since 2017, and ensures the institute to support the exchange courses with efficient lecturers in Tehran and in Germany.

Finally a full Education program was designed to execute in Germany & Iran by Mr. Nahhas (VP of DMAN School) and Ms. Alavash (DMAN education delegate in Iran) for year 2020.

He added: “Me & My colleagues at this school  are trying to design training programs and visits to factories based on the needs of Iranian businessmen and managers, and to introduce them to the German market in order to improve their economies.” In this meeting, Mr. Becker thanked Ms. Mina Alavash  for her cooperation with  DMAN School since 2016 for the best possible training.