The visit if Iranian Manager from to the Mercedes- Benz factory in Bremen Plant- 13th Feb 2020

The visit started at  BLG Logistics Company at 8:30 am.

According to Mr. Brayan Bayern, Internal Services Manager, the logistics company operates with 4 workers, specialists and administrative staff + shipping + lubrication + packaging and palletizing.

According to Mr.  Brayan, about 20% of human capital is made up of women, and the rest of men are between the ages of 25 and 65, which is normal in Germany, based on high age rate and Low coefficient of reproduction factor in the  country it can be a threat to the organization and structure in the long term.

BLG Logistics, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, operates on a contract basis for capillary distribution and supply of parts. Since logistics This is indicative of a systematic strategy of at least 2-5 years in the development planis the main shipping cost, most shipments are shipped to the two ports of China – Africa and Russia by ship – of course for the company to ship goods to Russia by road – Truck transit is more affordable.

  • Important Items in Benz Productivity
  • High quality factor through control of Mercedes Benz Branding
  • Creating costs such as packaging and calculating it for the cost of consuming, which, according to market downturns, could reduce costs and make rates competitive market segment and audiences
  • Using technology to improve quality Being close to competitors against exploiting technology
  • Assuming a structure is based on beta theory or matrix structure Job Satisfaction and Organizational Order

At 15:00 pm on the same day, the Mercedes Benz product line was visited.

Given that Mercedes-Benz is definitely “using the most up-to-date management strategies to advance its goals”, the information provided is as follows.

  • Mercedes Benz with having about  120000 manpower from 50 nations in an area of just over 1.5000.000 square meters every 68 minutes produces one car., which can have up to production models, indicating  a systematic strategy of at least 5-10- 20  years in the development

The shelf life of the products that results in the quality definition of the product indicates that quality is the first principle of production. Devices created on production lines demonstrate the high production capability as well as the use of mold technology on human resources that can help to create a highly competitive environment.