Veterans of Healthy Food Cycle Leaders Conference with Healthy Food Owners- 19th Oct 2016

According to the public relations of Asre Goftego Qalam  Cultural and Artistic Institute, the largest gathering of owners and producers of healthy food under the title “Leaders of the Healthy Food Production Cycle” was held  on October 19, 2016 in collaboration with the University of Research Sciences and the Medical System Organization at International Conference Center of I.R.I.B.

The conference was held with the aim of acquainting managers and owners of guilds and food industries with the principles and standards of food and healthy snacks and ways to increase the health of food and food products from production to consumption and from farm to table.

Now ,. Due to the relatively high consumption of high-fat, high-carbohydrate and high-salt foods, along with some other harmful compounds, such as meals or snacks, the importance of healthy products in nutrition and community health is highlighted, therefore, improvement The food formula, as well as the improvement of the production method in line with the health of the health production community, are among the important priorities of the Ministry of Health and the health system.

In this meeting, the volunteer managers who have made their products in a nutritional and hygienic way, participated in the evaluation section and after chemical and microbial analysis of the product in the reference laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health, from the leading and prominent units as health leaders. The food was presented with a plaque and a commemorative plaque.

Some of the topics discussed and the objectives of the event:

– Familiarity with food standards in the field of health and hygiene

– Programs of the Ministry of Health regarding food health reform

– Methods of improving and optimizing the nutrition and health of food products

– Familiarity with healthy products as a healthy snack

– Familiarity with a variety of healthy food standards such as SFBB and HACCP

– Familiarity with how to implement the standard of occupational health and safety (ISO 18001)

Some special guests of the ceremony:

– Officials of the National Food Health Program

– Officials of the Food and Drug Administration and professors known as academics

– Officials of the Agricultural Engineering System Organization

– Officials of the country’s food institute

It is necessary to explain that on the sidelines of the gathering, an exhibition of food health leaders was set up.