Establishment of AGQ Technical & Vocational Training Academy- June 2021

This license has been issued for AGQ with identification number 29310 and issuance number 146622/1/7/00 from Tehran Technical and Vocational Organization for courses in finance and business – educational services – tourism – nutrition services and legal services.


Objectives of the AGQ Technical training Academy

We help you as the AGQ Technical & Vocational training provider with special educational systems in your learning environment with maximum benefit. We also provide specific applied consultancies in selecting equipment and systems that perfectly suit your needs.

Get a clear picture of your necessary knowledge before you decide.

We offer our customers tailored short courses on experimental topics.

We provide training for SMEs’ employees and labors so that they can operate in the market with expertise.

AGQ is proud to increase its productivity by establishing spectrum of courses, both in terms of technical interest and in terms of teaching contents, which are highly applicable in the job market.