Asre Goftego Qalam, Cultural & Artistic ( AGQ ) institute, is proud to have been able to launch professional business training for small and medium-sized businesses in Iran during the years of its activities to enhance the knowledge and potential of economic activists to enter the worldwide markets with high quality, and constantly trying to meet the needs of economic activists through market research conducted by capable experts in the form of practical-oriented training sessions or meetings with foreign traders to improve the export of domestic products. In this regard, the Institute has received awards and rewards from officials in Iran and foreign countries.

We believe that the rich learning experience our programs offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities, and in their institutions. We work with our partner and sponsors worldwide to design and implement programs in which participants reach across -and live across- boundaries and borders and we do this in an atmosphere of, mutual respect, organized collaboration, and fun.

Institute Profile:


Enhancing knowledge on the path of industry development and self-sufficiency Consultancy on introducing & participating companies to international fairs Introducing domestic production capabilities in domestic and foreign events Investigating problems and challenges in the field of economics by holding specialized seminars Exploring domestic and foreign markets and helping to familiarize the domestic sector with international capabilities and presenting new solutions to enhance this sector through introductions and B2B meetings.

The vision of the Institute’s general purposes for legal earnings (in accordance with Iran’s standards) is to emphasize the following values: Ability to apply the latest findings in the field of knowledge and skills by local and foreign researchers and to provide managers, experts and other stakeholders with access to these scientific and executive achievements across the country. Developing and amplification up-to-date sciences through the promotion of new scientific productions among academics, administrators and executives. To identify and promote the knowledge and status of scientific, industrial, commercial and trade associations among the executive and scientific community throughout the country on the basis of full professional ethics and decent human qualities.

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