Advertising – Pishgaman Aftab

” Pishgaman Aftab ” is a turning point in the field of customer orientation and advertising

Today, no country is unaware of the fact that without the development of marketing, there is no possibility of business development because there must be a suitable market for the supply of goods. Advertising is considered a part of successful marketing, and that’s why successful companies, especially in export, seek to design and use dynamic and effective marketing and advertising systems in parallel with the quality improvement of their products.

Since “Asre Qalam” group has always been trying to turn the experience of years of continuous presence in the field of customer orientation into a turning point in the field of advertising, since 2013 by obtaining the license of the advertising center from the Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Tehran Province and also with Obtaining a publishing license in 2012 to operate in the field of publishing and printing, this Institute was able to establish Pishgaman Aftab advertising and promotion center (Piart).

The main mission of ” Pishgaman Aftab ” is to create an effective relationship between managers of industrial, commercial, and service units in various gatherings and media, such as familiarizing managers with methods, and solutions to create an effective Iranian branding culture for entering national goods, products and productions into There have been regional and global markets.

This center, while having the facilities of filmmaking, photography, and print design, is active in the field of making all kinds of promotional teasers and producing television programs, and in this regard, by signing a contract with the General Commercial Department of the Broadcasting Organization, it has succeeded in producing hundreds of promotional teasers, TV programs, and collaborative programs, including the programs “The Successful Managers” and “The Best Performance” – a product Seda & Sima TV channel ONE, “Kitchen No. 3” and “Benano” – a product Seda & Sima TV channel THREE, as well as “Takapo” – a product Seda & Sima TV FIVE.

   “Pishgaman Aftab” has also expanded its activities in environmental and media advertising with collections such as “Khabrefouri” channel and “Online News” news agency in line with the development of the field of work.

  Piart Advertising Center (Pishgaman Aftab) has chosen its slogan “supporting the Iranian name and satisfying customers”.