According to the Public Relations of Asre Goftegoo Qalam ( AGQ)  Institute; The Educational conference on “Effective Strategies In Decision Management” and “Time Management in Internet Business Development” on January12 and 13, 2022  with the presence of Dr. K.I. Bakht from Paris Graduate School and “ Digital Marking “with Dr. Ufuk Gul from Idin Istanbul  Univesity  and also with the presence of Iranian speakers “Kamran Sehat” lecturer and consultant of domestic and international brands,  and translator and author, “Sajjad Kamri” Ph.D. From Imam Reza International University (AS) and the President of Tehran University of Applied Sciences, Branch 6, was held in International Kish Hall in Kish Island.

Mr. Kamran Sehat – 12 Jan 2022 – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Topic: Quality is a necessary condition for production but not enough

Kamran Sehat said at the conference: “No business will develop unless the people of an organization, especially the manager of that organization, decide to make fundamental changes in their attitude towards the organization, customers, products and services and competitors.”

He stressed: “Great managers can create great organizations, and it is not the case that great organizations have created great managers.”

He continued: “Today in our country, it is obvious that we are in a period of economic ambiguity and basically in this current situation, the tomorrow of economic, political and social is uncertain; Therefore, managers of organizations need to have short-term reviews, regardless of the long-term decision goals, with a scientific view of business, they can save and develop their organization in this situation and achieve their goals.

Dr. K.I.Bakht – 11:30  a.m to 13:30 p.m.

Topic: “Effective Strategies in Decision Management” and “Time Management in Internet Business

The webinar started at 12:00 with the words of Ms. Mina Alavash, Director of International Affairs of Asre Qalam Institute. She introduced the professor’s professional activities and educational background, as well as a brief description of the webinar title and its content.

After Ms. Alavash’s speech, Dr. Bakht began his teaching with the outlines of Economic risks and Critical Decisions and Strategies to deal with environmental threats.

The Role and importance of management in times of crisis was another subject of his teaching then he continued with the Forms of Decision-making.

Why do you need a crisis management plan?

  • Potential Corporate Crisis
  • Steps to Managing Your Time
  • How to Overcome Procrastination

They are the other important issues that Dr. Bakht spoke about.

At the end of the webinar, a number of participants in the webinar asked their questions from the hall and Dr. Bakht answered all the questions.

Dr. Ufuk Gul- 13 Jan 2022 – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m

Topic: Modern & Digital Marketing

  The webinar started with the introduction of the program by Ms. Mina Alavash, the AGQ International Affairs Director at 10:00 a.m. after that, Dr. Ufuk Gul, one of the prominent professors of Aydin Istanbul University, started his speeches on the webinar titles.

Creativity in Marketing The difference between marketing and sales, as well as changes in companies based on customer tastes and requests, as well as companies’ loyalty to customers were important points of Dr. Ufuk Gul’s lecture.

The professor referred to the development of marketing and sales from before World War II to digitalization.

Dr. Ufuk Gul described the difference between marketing and sales as follows:


– Talent understanding

– Need to plan and structure

– No product for sale yet, it means that the needs should be determine.

– Makes products marketable.

– Leads the customer to the product.


– The Talent of explanation

– Need to action and work

– When the service or production is done and ready to sell.

– Direct products enter the market.

– The product goes to the customer.

The professor went on to talk about changes in companies based on customer tastes and requests. In this part of the webinar, Dr. Ufuk Gul pointed out the essentials of the Blue and Red Ocean in the process of corporate change.

During his speech, Dr. Ufuk Gul asked the participants questions related to marketing and sales, which received a lot of attention.

Dr. Sajjad Kamri- 11:30a.m to 13:30 p.m

Topic: Proficiency in using new technologies appropriate to emergencies, recognizing the types of effective risks and threats in business and e-commerce strategies

He first defined small and medium-sized businesses and said: “These businesses mostly suffer in crisis situations caused by factors outside the organization, such as war and the special economic and political situation of countries.”

The President of Tehran University of Applied Sciences, Unit 6, stated: The main part of crisis management goes back to before the crisis. This section includes the organization’s planning and mental and operational readiness to deal with the crisis.

Kamari added, 10% of the work related to crisis management is done after the crisis is formed. At this time, organizational plans should be formed according to the type of crisis and updated according to the conditions of time and place.

He divided small business managers into three categories: top managers, middle managers and Industrial managers, and said: “Top and middle managers have the greatest impact on how companies and organizations deal with crises.” They can determine the quality and type of mental and practical preparation of their organization to deal with various crises before the crisis occurs and in the planning process by looking at the types of crises and reviewing successful global experiences against them.

At the end of the training event, the attendance certificates were given to the participants from the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences Unit 6, Paris Graduate School and Aydin University.