The first training course Ghoghnoos Talaei in Tehran Technical Complex 17th &18th Jan 2019

The first “Ghoghnoos Talaei” training course was held by the country’s Fashion and Clothing Organizing Working Group and prominent professors such as “Fereshteh Ganjineh” on 17th &18th Jan, 2019 at the Technical Complex in Tehran.

The course was focused on specialized training in garment design and production techniques, with topics such as “New methods of accelerating design and sewing, new design techniques”.

The names of the people who spoke at the training course are as follows.

  • Hamid Ghobadi: Secretary of the Fashion and Clothing Working Group of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Maryam Bakhshi: Supervisor of Fashion and Clothing Organizing Group
  • Leila Chenarani: Student dispatcher of Tehran Technical Complex

Purpose of the workshop:

  • Consider the rich culture and history of clothing, as the fashion and clothing sector is one of the most important factors in transmitting the country’s culture.
  • The right identity and model of transcending Iranian Islamic culture internationally

Ms. Maryam Bakhshi  said: “I hope that our attention will be more on the field of community clothing, because most of the clothing of our women is community clothing, and more attention needs to be paid to this area.” We can use the original capacities and arts of Iran and the traditional and ethnic elements of different provinces and cultures of the country in educational topics and festivals.

At the end of the course, the participants were awarded a Certificate by the Iranian Fashion and Apparel Work group, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, International Certificate as well as a Certificate approved by the Iranian Technical and Professional Organization.