Organizational Health Conference – 6 Sep 2022

September 6th, 2022- IRIB International Conference Center

This conference was held with the joint cooperation of the Asre Gotegoo Qalam (AGQ) Institute and the Association of Standard and Quality Supporters with the presence of a group of business entrepreneurs in the conference Hall of IRIB International Conference Center.

Mr. Hakim Attar, the head of Central Council of the Standard and Quality Supporters Association, spoke about the meaning of Health and its importance in the Islamic society and economic organizations and enterprises in this conference. He presented “McKenzie’s” behavioral model about Management and said: “McKenzie believes that companies are either sick or healthy, like humans, if they are healthy, we should do something to keep their health stable, and if they are sick, what should we do?” Can this disease be cured?

“Hakim Attar” said: “McKenzie” organizational model has defined a number of indicators for companies and organizations. It has taken 9 criteria and 33 sub-criteria and is working on it in today’s world. Our friends came and changed these criteria. 14 criteria and 55 sub-criteria and presented to the society.

In the continuation of this conference, Mr. Alireza Tavakoli, the consultant of the Technology Cooperation Center of the Directorate, presented analyzes based on the organizational health model and basic models of management, and also read a text from the book “Beyond Performance” by Mackenzie: “Only this issue It is not enough that you consider the performance, you must also consider the health of the organization that will build the future of the organization.”

Mohsen Hejazian, a member of Iran’s Foresight Society, and Mohsen Bagherzadeh, an expert in the field of business, spoke in this conference about the meaning of organizational health in the Islamic society of our country and the non-observance of healthy organizational behavior by some managers in organizations.

Next, Mehdi Sotoudeh, a member of the Certified Accountants Association of Iran- Tavakolian, the legal vice-president of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and Ahmadian, a member of the Islamic Council, expressed valuable words about this conference title.

At the end of this ceremony, after explaining the evaluations, entrepreneurs and business managers were honored.