The third Strategic Management Summit in the field of business, entrepreneurship and economic development – July 23, 2022

The third international strategic management summit in the field of business, entrepreneurship, and economic development was held with entrepreneurs and managers of economic enterprises at the ICC (International Conference hall Center) of IRIB on July 23, 2022. In this summit, the pundits emphasized that 95% of our economy is small and traditional.

Security in investment helps the development of businesses

According to Asre Qalam Group, in this conference, Daoud Moazzami Gudarzi, the head of Tehran’s Fata police, addressed the issue of opportunities and challenges facing new businesses in the field of technology and startups and said: The entry of technology in business increases the speed, accuracy, and costs, and among these, the most important weaknesses of new businesses are their vulnerability.

95% of our economy is small and traditional

At this conference, Mr. Hossein Asadi, Executive Secretary of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, also pointed out that we have 3200 economic enterprises in the country and added: that 95% of our economy is small and traditional, and we have moved very slowly in the field of distribution of goods and it has caused development If there is to be an impact in the private sector, the government should create laws that have executive support.

Mohammadreza Dashti Ardakani, a member of the Islamic Council’s of Parliament Committee: Economic prosperity and people’s livelihood is in the group of removing business license obstacles.

Shahbaz Hasanpour Bigleri, Vice Chairman of the Economic Commission and Head of the Trade Unions’ faction of the Islamic Council: 100 thousand billion Tomans of funds will be provided to entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

At the end of this meeting, the winners were honored with plaques and certificates of appreciation.