Commercial Contract Legal Issues & Communication Interactions in the EU Markets- April 29 – May 7, 2023

Date: The first training-business seminar May 1 and 2, 2023 – Paris

An educational seminar in Paris titled “Reviewing Legal Challenges in Business Contracts” was held from 9:30 AM with the speeches of 3 speakers – Mr. Baki Maneche, Dr. Ioana Knoll- Tudor, and Ms. Mina Alavash until 1:30 PM in one of the conference halls of the Paris Bar Association.

Lecture content:

  • The effect of the content of the negotiations in promoting business and commercial interactions.
  • Reviewing the law of force majeure – termination and the consequences of contract termination.
  • Reviewing the determination of arbitration place and how to resolve the dispute through consultation and mediation.
  • Familiarity with specialized vocabulary and paragraph writing in commercial contracts.

Date: May 2, 2023, meeting with managers of French companies – Paris

 This meeting was held in the building of MEEVO affiliated with the French MEDEF Association in Paris. In this meeting, Mr. Michel Jonqueres, the head of the MEEVO Association, was the first speaker who pointed out the willingness of the French trading companies with the Iranian business owners of the private sector. The second speaker was Dr. Emanuel Destix, the CEEVO President who is the Development and Attractiveness Agency for the territories of Val d’Oise (Paris Ile-de-France – France), who spoke about the agency’s desire and interest in Iranian private companies in the fields of agriculture, mining, food, and the aviation industry.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the President’s speech, the agency awarded the agency’s plaque to the representative of Asre Qalam Institute for its efforts and for facilitating business communication between the private sector businessmen of the two countries.

After the initial speeches, nine French managers from the private sector met with Iranian managers and discussed their business matters, and exchanged their information.

Date: May 4, 2023 Meeting with the heads of the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce & Industry and B2B with Italian & Iranian private sector companies

Asre Gotegoo Qalam Institute, with the cooperation and coordination of the Ferdowsi Legal team, organized a lecture session and B2B meeting between Italian and Iranian companies’ managers from the private sector in the conference hall of the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry on May 4, 2023.

The Institute of Asr Diaspora Qalam is grateful to Mr. Giuseppe Zampini, President of CCII, Dr. Pier Luigi D’Agata, and the CCII team for welcoming the group of Iranian company managers in Rome and organizing very practical and interesting B2B meetings and exchange of views between Italian and Iranian businessmen.

CCII mentioned: 30% of Iranian companies, like most Italian companies, have family businesses whose management consists of family members. This similarity of activity facilitates business and cooperation between the economic actors of the two countries.

Many Iranian private sector companies have a great appetite for European products and skills, especially in the IT sector. The private sector of both countries can play a greater role in improving bilateral trade. 500 million euros of Italy’s exports to Iran and 150 million euros of exports from Iran to Italy are a small part of which we hope that the trade ratio of the two Iranian countries will reach at least 5 billion euros.

At the end of the B2B meeting, the managers of the companies of both countries exchanged their information.