Vocational training tour of Europe – France & Germany February 17-25, 2023


Date: 20 Feb 2023

Lecturers: Mr. Baki Maneche – Mr. Jean Charles Albitre – Ms. Mina Alavash

Topic: Legal issues in the International Commercial Contracts

The seminar on the “Important issues and challenges of international business contracts” was held on February 20 in one of the conference halls of the Paris Lawyers Association with the participation of 30 Iranian private sector businessmen in cooperation with the Institute of Asre Ghoftego Qalam (AGQ) and Ferdowsi Legal Office.

In this seminar, Mr. Baki Maneche explained the challenges of arbitration and dispute resolution in private courts and in local courts in Europe separately. He considered the issue of mediation and consultation to be necessary for solving many disputes because this issue can bring the parties to peace before spending exorbitant costs.

Mr. Jean-Charles Albiter, in his speech, first explained the importance of pre-contract negotiation and then the problems and consequences of breaching and terminating the contract. He pointed out the key and important points about force majeure in detail.

In this seminar, Iranian businessmen had a good opportunity to ask questions about the problems of their contracts with foreign companies.

Mrs. Mina Alawash discussed the writing in the contract and the importance of paragraph writing, as well as the signatories of the parties, based on international legal principles.

In this seminar, Mr. Backi Maneche and Jean-Charles Albitre answered all the questions of the participants.


Lecturer: Prof. Fred Ludolph

Topic:” Change Management by creating models for companies”

Date: 22 Feb 2023

The meeting that was held after Paris with the presence of Iranian businessmen in Germany in cooperation with Source of Commerce

Co. and Asre Goftego Qalam Institute. In this seminar, Prof. Ludolph gave a speech about Change management in difficult economic conditions in the morning time, then Mr. Astanaha gave important points about the management of exports and imports to Europe in the afternoon.

Prof. Fred Ludolph started his speech with the following content:

  • The world of VUCA (Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity _ Ambiguity)
  • A short time travel about leadership from 1850 up to now;
  • Craft Manufacturing Age 1850-1900
  • Industrial Age (Mass Markets- Supply Markets) 1900- 1970
  • Knowledge Age (Globalization – The world become more VUCA) 1970 up to now
  • The difference between Complexity & Complicatedness
  • Adaptive management Cycle
  • Success profile of leaders – 10 Characteristics
  • Emotional Intelligence – 5 domains
  • Mc Gregory X Y theories
  • Open space technology

There was a very good opportunity for the business people to ask questions about their companies’ economic problems which received their answers at the end of the seminar.