Awarding a medal from Val d’ Oise (CEEVO)- Agency in Paris to AGQ Institute – 02. May.2023

Asre Goftegoo Qalam Institute warmly thanks “Le Mouvement des Entreprises du Val d’Oise (MEVO) / MEDEF95 ” and its president Dr. Michel Jonquères as well as Dr. Emmanuelle Desthieux the President of Val d’Oise Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO), one of the major affiliated organizations of MEDEF Association for organizing a seminar & B2B meeting which enabled around thirty companies from the Iranian private sector to exchange views with these very dynamic organizations and their counterparts in the Val d’Oise.

The CEEVO promotes a number of strategic sectors of excellence in the Val d’Oise, working in partnership with networks of high-performance companies involved in these areas of business, most of which participate in the competitiveness cluster initiative.

The medal of honor for the cooperation between Val d’Oise (CEEVO) and AGQ Institute was awarded by Dr. Emmanuelle Desthieux in the final meeting of the presence of Iranian and French merchants at the place of the MEVO Association on 02. May.2023.