An important event organized by Asre Goftegoo Qalam Institute at Aydin University, Turkey- 17& 18 Jan 2023

A report from the 11th Intelligent and Transformational Business Management Conference;

According to the public relations report of Asre Qalam group, the 11th training course of the intelligent and transformational business management conference was held under the initiative of Asre Qalam Institute and in cooperation with Istanbul Aydin University, with the presence of Professor Togcheh, Professor Bashir Kamal, Professor Hakan Okay, one of the prominent professors of Aydin University and Dr. “Saman Karimi Shad” as the only Iranian lecturer, in the meeting hall of Aydin University on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 17 & 18 January 2023.

At this conference, professors of Aydin University talked about the importance of using the online space to help digitalize traditional businesses by launching a website and application. Some topics were discussed at this conference, such as:

Metaverse technology, branding and appropriate logo design, intelligent management platforms, business management, marketing and sales automation, and other things, all of which definitely help to make businesses as smart as possible.

The topics which were the main contents of this conference included:

innovative new technologies in e-commerce – earning more money – advanced CRM systems (intelligent customer relationship management system) – cooperation in sales- strategic management and distribution.

Also in this conference, Dr. Karimi Shad, a lecturer of comprehensive digital currency, in the field of the topic “Crypto-currency” raised some points, he is also the author of the books “Guide to Digital Currencies, Comprehensive Guide to Metaverse, Comprehensive Guide to Trading View, Comprehensive Guide to Forex” and the author of the book “Starting a money making factory with Instagram”.

Also, at the closing ceremony, the guests received certificates and commemorative badges from Istanbul Aydin University.