The third training course to Europe – France and Germany

Date: 25 November to 3rd December 2022

The first day of training was held on 28 November in one of the Conference Halls of the Paris Bar Association. In this training course, 3 professors explained the essential issues in international commercial contracts as follows;

– Mr. Baki Maneche (lawyer and France consular representative and advisor in Iran and Central Asia) gave a speech about the types of sanctions and their impact on commercial contracts, as well as knowledge of the governing law and the choice of arbitration and dispute resolution. He answered the questions of the participants during his lecture.

– Mr. Jean-Charles Albitre (lawyer and the Paris Bar Association member) addressed the important points of payments, Incoterms, termination and the consequences of termination in International Commercial Contracts.He answered the questions of the participants during the his speech.

– Ms. Mina Alavash (Director of International Affairs of Asre Qalam Institute) talked about the important issues in negotiations and taking notes during negotiations, as well as how to write the International Commercial Contracts for their Business transactions., she presented a sample contract to the participants, and  answering questions related to commercial writing during her lecture.

The second training course was held on November 30 and December 1 at the Hamburg Conference Hall in the Port of Hamburg. In this 2-day training course, 3 professors gave lectures on business topics as follows:

– Dr. Wolfgang Hein (The professor in the field of economic and financial management) talked about the current economy in European and Asian countries and also, how to transfer money from Iranian private companies to foreign companies.

– Mr. Hassan Astanaha (The lecturer and senior expert in international business and start-ups in Germany – Managing Director of Source Of Commerce) Mr. Astanaha, gave a speech regarding the types of businesses in Germany and how to open companies and business activities in Germany and also answered to many questions from the participants during his speech.

– Dr. Klause Kindler (The professor of management courses from DMAN Academy and The President  of Performance & Success GmbH) gave his speech in this one-day training course, Executive Management and Productivity, in which he talked about the following.

1- The economic environment of the world

2- Key success factors: excellence management

3- Organizational structure

4- Leadership competencies

5- functional competencies

6- Team skills

At the end of each training course, a consultation session was held to answer all the questions of the participants for business interactions with European markets.