Continues Productivity Promotion and Cost Reduction in Organizations- 4th -13th December, 2023

The 2nd Vocational Training Tour to Japan – Tokyo & Osaka

Date: 4th – 13th December, 2023



Date: December 6th, 2023

Visiting the FOODtech Exhibition

The first event of this Vocational training tour was visiting the Tokyo FOOD tech exhibition on December 6th. In this exhibition, more than two thousand exhibitors displayed their products, including agricultural machinery, high-tech laboratory products, organic cosmetic products, drinks, and various foods. This exhibition was a good opportunity for Iranian businesspeople from the private sector, whose field of activity was related to each of the mentioned products, to have B2B sessions with the companies at the FOOD tech fair to introduce and present their products as well.

Date: December 8th, 2023

Training Seminar

Seminar topics:

– International Commercial Contracts Writing

– Continuous improvement management in organizations


– Mrs. Mina Alavash

– Professor Jun Sugiura

The second event of this tour was a successful seminar held at the Tokyo Prince Tower Hotel conference hall on December 8. In this seminar, which started at 8:30, Mrs. Mina Alavash gave the first lecture on the topic: Important and essential points in writing international business contracts, including specialized vocabulary – introduction of the parties to the Contract or Agreement (MOU) – the content and substance of the laws according to the negotiation conducted before writing and signing the contract.

The second speaker was Prof. Jun Sugiura who talked about Productivity Management and Continuous Improvement in organizations. In this speech, Mr. Sugiura explained the important points of Kaizen. In this training session, in addition to the senior managers of the Japan World Business Organization (WBA), 4 expert consultants in the field of international markets were present among Iranian businesspeople who held consultation sessions after the seminar. In the consultation session, Iranian businesspeople presented the capabilities and specifications of their products along with the companies’ resumes to the consultants and senior managers of the Japan World Business Organization (WBA). According to the type of goods of Iranian merchants, the consultants of the organization introduced suitable markets to them, and this part of the scientific and commercial research led to many satisfactions.

At the end of the training session, in a ceremony, the certificates of attendance in the seminar were given by Prof. Sugiura, the Chairman of the WBA organization and the professor of the Kaizen course, and Mr. Kazuo, the CEO of the WBA organization, was awarded to each participant and a commemorative photo was thrown.