Reviewing the Legal Standards in Commercial Contracts & Change Management in Crisis Economic Conditions January 5-13, 2024

The 10th Vocational Training Tour to Europe – France & Germany

Date: 5th – 13rd January 2024


Date: January 8, 2024

Seminar Venue: MEVO Association (Mouvement des Entreprises de France Val-d’Oise)

Presence of CEEVO Association in Mouvement de Entreprises de France

The first speaker: Ms. Mina Alavash

As the first speaker, Ms. Alavash thanked Mr. Michel Jonqueres, the President of MEVO Association, and his colleagues for holding a seminar in their place and his warm welcome to Iranian businesspeople on behalf of herself and AGQ Institute and the accompanying group who were the managers from the private sector of Iran market and the owners of various industries. She also used this opportunity and show a video of the successful activities of Asre Goftego Qalam Institute in Europe from 2016 to 2023 to the attendees of the seminar.

Then Ms. Mina Alavash talked about the necessity of contract writing in detail as well as the points that should be paid attention to in the writing of Commercial Contracts, and she gave full explanations about the importance of specific vocabularies for using in the text of these kinds of contracts or agreements. Ms. Alavash completed her speech by referring to some examples of contracts and mentioned very essential points about the parties’ signatures.

Second speaker: Mr. Michel Jonqueres

Mr. Michel Jonqueres, the President of MEVO Entrepreneurship Association, after the introduction and welcoming session with the group of Iranian economic activists, provided extensive information on MEVO’s activities. He further expressed his desire to cooperate in industrial projects with Iranian companies and expressed his happiness that Iranians always attach importance to the quality of their goods and commercial relations with Europe and other countries, and called MEVO a base for introducing Iranian goods to the market. Europe introduced.

The third speaker: Ms. Emmanuelle Desthieux

In the continuation of the seminar, Mrs. Emmanuelle Desthieux, the Project Manager in business development and international affairs of CEEVO Entrepreneurship Association, talked about the start-up companies of this association and introduced some new projects to the attendees.

The CEEVO company is very famous and reliable in the French air fleet, and one of the famous projects of this association is air taxis, which are scheduled to be used in the 2024 Paris Olympics, she said. This association also announced its readiness to cooperate with Iranian businesspeople regarding the entry of their goods or projects into European markets.

The fourth speaker: Mr. Baki Maneche

In this meeting, Mr. Baki Maneche talked about the legal standards and rules in dispute resolution and the ruling rules in arbitration, then he mentioned the challenges and risks in the clauses of the memorandum or contract.

The fifth speaker: Mr. Didier Hedin

Mr. Didier Hedin, with more than 20 years of cooperation in the field of French automobile manufacturing, talked about how Iranians can enter the French market with small and real projects. In the continuation of his speech, he expressed that the competitiveness in Iran’s automobile industry is very low if the talent and knowledge of Iranians can be shown beyond what they have now in the automobile market. Iran’s automotive companies should compete with other countries with the quality and productivity of their engineers in this industry.

At the end of this seminar, a consultation session was held with Iranian economic activities, and all questions were answered.


Date: January 10, 2024

Seminar Venue: NORDAKADEMIE University located in the port of Hamburg

This applied seminar was held on January 10, 2024, with the topic “Change Management in the Economic Crisis” at the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Science / Hamburg, one of the most prestigious universities in Germany.

The seminar started at 9:30 with Mrs. Alavash’s speech about the importance of sufficient knowledge to manage change in the current time of economic crisis.

She added: Many Iranian companies have undergone changes after the Coronavirus and one of these changes was their entry into international markets in a very bad economic crisis, and in this regard, it is very necessary to pay special attention to the conclusion of international commercial contracts to reduce risk.

Next, Prof. Fred Ludolph gave a lecture on Change management in tough economic conditions.

He started his speech by speaking about the creative model for the sustainability of the company and also the international effects and consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Then Prof. Ludolph continued with the following contents:

– Advantages of trend analysis

– VUCA world

– A short time travel on leadership from 1850 to now

– Complexity versus Complicatedness

– Agile leadership versus management

– Adaptive management

– Stockdale’s paradox

– Characteristics of success of leaders

In this seminar, he shared his valuable experiences with the participants and answered all their questions.

Date: January 12, 2024

The participants of the 10th Applied training tour to Europe also visited the Benz plant in Bremen city and visited the robotic departments of this plant.