Development of target markets and profitability factors of companies – 19 & 20 Jul 2022

The 15th International Business Seminar titled “Development of target markets and profitability factors of companies” with the speech of Dr. Klaus-Peter Wagenfuhr from DMAN Academy – German was held on July 19 &20, 2022at IRIB Conference Hall.

On the first day of this seminar (Jul-19-2022) Dr. Wagenfuhr started his speech with the high quality of Iranian goods and the good relationship of Iranian businessmen with other countries, and continued to elaborate on his scientific discussions as follows;

  • Income statement – measuring profitability
  • Creating the waterfall price: Marketing determines the base price of the product.
  • Profitability waterfall Breakdown: Which cost elements have the greatest impact on our company?
  • What customers should I do business with?
  • Measurement and classification instructions based on common rules allow determining the attractiveness of the product for the customer.
  • Analysis of customer attractiveness.

At the end of the first day of training in the morning, the professor asked several questions to the participants, and the participants worked on the questions in different groups and answered the questions.

In the afternoon, Mr. Astanaha mentioned the key points of business management performance and capital return in Germany, as well as ways to improve the efficiency of financial resources.

The second day of the seminar on July 20, 2022 with a review of the previous day’s lessons by Dr. Klaus-Peter Wagenfuhr was conducted and then the professor taught the following topics related to the sales process, customer hunting – account planning – building successful relationships with customers.

  • Effective leadership competency – moving the vision forward
  • Ensuring profitability II – Pricing
  • How to increase profitability?
  • Price-margin calculator

At the end of the second session of the seminar, Dr. Wagenfuhr quoted two slogans from two business elites:

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” Jack Welch, General Electric

“Companies that try to be everything to everyone are usually nothing to anyone.”

S. Kaplan and D. P. Norton