Export management and business of Iran and Germany on March 9 2022

The seminar was held on March 9, 2022, with the presence of Dr. Wolfgang Hein and Mr. Astaneha on the subject of export management and business of Iran and Germany at the Spinas Plus Hotel.

The first speaker was Dr. Hein who talked about the world economy at the present time, especially German economy. One of the important topics of his speech was about different types of cryptocurrencies, which is currently a lot of business interactions regarding the purchase of machines, etc. Through the transfer of these cryptocurrencies, there is a lot of security for owners of goods that cannot even be hacked. Hackers cannot enter the passwords of this type of exchange.

 Dr.Hein announced about 20 to 25% tax for business owners in Germany, which would reduce their income. He recommended that if Iranian companies operate with a German (limited liability) company, their tax rate It will be 15% that will benefit more.

Then, Mr. Astaneha, the next speaker of the seminar, raised the following issues on how to register companies and stay in Germany, the followings were the subjects of his lecture;

  • Volume of trade between Germany and Iran
  • Iran’s non-oil exports
  • Import to Iran
  • Superior imported and exported goods
  • Export management
  • Companies related to company registration in Germany
  • Tax cases in Germany

At the end of the lecture, the participants were given the opportunity to ask their questions. Participants asked their questions and the professors answered the questions with full explanations. In this seminar, the possibility of counseling was provided for the participants.