The second specialized and academic Beauty & Makeup – 17 & 18 Apr 2022

Hot hosting of Iranian students by Halige University of Turkey

How was the second specialized and academic face the second specialized and academic Beauty & Makeup course held?

According to the public relations of the “Asre Goftegoo Qalam” Cultural and Artistic Institute, Halig University in Turkey hosted Iranian students on April 17 and 18, 2022, who came to the university to attend a two-day makeup and beauty training course to learn new techniques in this field.

This training course, which was realized by the “Asre Goftegoo Qalam ” institute and in collaboration with Haligh University of Istanbul, was held in two days for Iranian art seekers in the fields of micro bleeding, micro-pigmentation, eyelash extensions, short color and light, and creatine and revitalization of damaged hair with the aim of updating and increasing information and learning new techniques in this area.

The first day of this training course began with the presence of Professor “Amsel Dogan” and their group; During this period, Professor Dogan, who is one of the top professors in the field of microbleeding in Turkey, explained about the new microbleeding techniques and “Remwal” and the introduction of reputable brands in this field. Then, the work on live models was shown and at the end, with the presence of professors and educational representatives of Hallij University, the certificates of attendance in the first day course were presented to the art seekers.

On the second day of this specialized workshop, Professor “Judet Shengal”, who owns the brand of “Judet” academies in Turkey, together with her expert team, trained Iranian students in the field of color, light, short and creatine.

In this course, color and light training was taught the complete process of coloring hair with a variety of techniques to beautify hair. Representatives of cosmetic brands in the field of dyes, dichlorination and creatine from Italy and Brazil were present in this course, and with their performance which was provided to the students complete the information about brands in different fields .

At the end of the second day, in the presence of professors and educational representatives of the university, end-of-course certificates were presented to the art seekers.