The 9th Vocational Training Tour to Europe – France & Italy (Milan)

Date: 15 – 23 October 2023


Date: 17, Oct, 2023

Meeting venue: Mouvement des Entreprises de France Val-d’Oise (MEVO)

The Presence of CEEVO company in Mouvement de Entreprises de France Building

Speaker: Mrs. Medeya Spasova

Mrs. Spasova, one of the senior managers of the CEEVO Association, gave full details about introducing several startup projects in this company. In addition to having an airport, CEEVO has several rail lines to transport products from the Val-d’Oise region of Paris (the economic heart of France) to different parts of France.

All economic sectors of Paris are located in the Val-d’Oise district, from which the MEVO association conducts all economic services, education, and trade with all parts of France. The CEEVO association is also one of the subgroups of MEVO and then MEDEF, which supports start-up and innovative projects and helps them communicate with French companies.

The CEEVO association is a bridge between France and the countries of the Middle East, Asia, America, Europe, the Far East, and Africa by supporting technology parks.

CEEVO Association has 11 educational institutes in which more than 30 thousand students are studying.

Other companies under CEEVO include:

Airline companies, Cosmetic products, electronic systems, Technical and engineering systems, Security companies, Environmental technology, Trash-cart companies, and automobile and machinery companies.

In addition, CEEVO has about 1,200 registered international companies, 60 of which are Japanese.

Air taxi is another initiative of the CEEVO community, which is currently driven by a driver, but soon the driverless model will be produced and ready. In the future, this air taxi will act instead of an ambulance, fire department, agricultural monitoring, and transportation of goods.

At the end of this meeting, a consultation session was held with Iranian CEOs, and all questions were answered.

The second speaker Mr. Baki Maneche pointed out the necessary points regarding the challenges and risks of international commercial contracts and also introduced arbitration and dispute resolution as one of the most important contract clauses that private sector CEOs and Iranian businesspeople should pay special attention to.

Mrs. Mina Alavash was the third speaker, who explained how to write a contract with details and points that should be taken into account when writing a contract is written. Specific legal words and summaries were other necessary items in this part of the speech.


Date: 20, Oct, 2023

Meeting venue: CBA legal office

This meeting, which was coordinated in cooperation with the Ferdowsi Legal office, was held at the place of the CBA office from 9:30 a.m.

After welcoming the Iranian business delegation, Mr. Angelo Bonissoni, the head of CBA, announced the desire of Italian companies to cooperate with Iranian businesspeople who are the most eager people to work with Iranians, because of the similar culture and satisfaction with the quality of Iranian products.

The second speaker was Dr. Laora, one of the Italian lawyers who has been working in international offices for 10 years is aware of the problems and challenges of international business contracts, and has found the right links to solve such problems. She provides suitable advice for various investments for both, Italians and Iranians.

In this meeting, she suggested the best type of company to register which is, limited liability in Italy, and further added: We usually recommend an Italian partner for company registration so that there are no problems in the future regarding opening an account during the sanction period.

She mentioned the differences in company registration in France and Italy, for example, in Paris, you don’t need to go to a notary to register a company, while in Italy, company registration must be done in person by a notary. Therefore, Italian lawyers as consultants can pave the way for Iranian businesspeople to register their companies in Italy.

The third speaker was Dr. Arinna Valenza – a tax lawyer -She and the CBA group provided tax consultations regarding the tax rights of businesspeople in Italy, in this meeting provided complete explanations of all types of taxes and declared their readiness to cooperate with Iranian economic activists.

She further added: In the CBA law office, about 60 tax lawyers provide the necessary advice for business owners for the finance and justice departments, which solves such problems with this group.

The fourth speaker Dr. Babara Orlando – a lawyer in the field of property and real estate at the CBA legal office – said; that the legal experts of this office in the field of real estate provide the necessary advice for buying real estate (from the beginning to the end) and then setting up business activities.

The fifth speaker Dr. Giovanna Bochetti – Lawyer and consultant on intellectual property in the field of industry – also provides necessary advice and guidance to business owners on the security of cybers and its risks via electronic systems and virtual space.

The sixth speaker Dr. Stefano La Porta – Jurist on arbitration and dispute resolution, member of the Milan Bar Association – Mr. La Porta is in charge of justice and arbitration issues in Europe and in other countries in a group of lawyers.

In the continuation of his speech, he stated that: Mediation reduces 50% of disputes and arbitration. Arbitration in state courts may take 18 to 24 months, as in the private offices it is done shorter. The cost of arbitration in Italy is much lower than in other European countries.

The arbitration process is completely confidential.

Dr. Pier Luigi d’Agata, the honorable secretary of the joint Italian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, was the seventh speaker of this meeting, who was invited and coordinated by the Ferdowsi legal office for the second time in the gathering of Iranian private sector CEOs and business owners in the city of Milan – at CBA legal office. After the greeting, he spoke about the trade passion between Iran and Italy. Then he said: that Italy has a smaller population than Iran, but its gross trade is more than 2 million euros per year. It is the second industrial-producing country in Europe after Germany, which had a 10.9% increase in GPD in 2020.

Most of Italy’s exports are machinery, and Iranians have been the largest importers because of the installation as it is much easier than German machinery.

Food, clothing, and other pharmaceuticals are the exports of Italy.

Export subjects: 44% machinery – chemicals about 13.5% – pharmaceutical subjects about 10%

Subjects of import from Iran: iron and metals – chemical or petrochemical products that are petroleum derivatives – agricultural products (vegetables, pistachios and saffron from Iran)

Italy is different from other European countries in terms of companies ‘models, which are divided into small, medium, and large companies. The business is usually done in all products with several corporate models in Italy.

The president of the Italian Goldsmiths and Jewelers Club was another speaker at the meeting – this club is a private institution that consists of 21 companies involved in the production and sale of gold and jewelry in Italy.

She added: The modern art exhibition and EXPO in Milan are held twice a year – October and January – and about 13 million invoices are issued in this EXPO (per year).

Mr. Felipo Kovaro, the manager of an electronic company in Milan, spoke about the potential of his company in this meeting and further expressed his interest in cooperating with Iranian businesspeople. He is a member of the Italian-Iranian joint chamber.