Awarding letter of appreciation to AGQ Institute by the Mouvment des Entreprises de France Val-d’Oise (MEVO) association – September 4th, 2023

Certificate of appreciation of MEVO Association, the largest entrepreneurship and startup association in France was awarded to Asre Qalam Institute, in recognition of the bilateral cooperation to introduce the Iranian CEOs and French companies in line with business interactions from the chairman of this association, Mr. Michel Jonqueres to the delegate of this Institute.

In the meeting that was held on September 4th, 2023 (13/06/1402) at the MEVO building, Mr. Michel Jonqueres, the President of this association, warmly welcomed each and every Iranian economic activist, CEO, and industrial owner who was invited to this meeting by the management and coordinating of the large group of Asre Qalam Institute. Mr. Jonqueres expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the representative for establishing these effective and valuable economic and commercial connections.

In this meeting, Ms. Mina Alavash, on behalf of the honorable president of Asre Qalam Institute, subsequently asked Mr. Michel Jonqueres and appreciated for transmitting impressive information on how Iranian businessmen enter the French market and also introducing them to several powerful French associations & organizations interested in business interactions with industrial owners and economic activists of the Iranian private sector.