Signing a cooperation MoU between Istanbul AREL University and AGQ Group as the university delegate in Iran.

Istanbul AREL University, was established on 14.09.1999 with the aim of raising national values and universal values in the globalizing world.

Due to the location of the university campuses, Istanbul AREL University has the distinction of being a city and campus university.

According to the Public Relations of “Asre Qalam” Group, on 25 Jun 2022; The visit of “Karam Jan Erikjen Oglu”, the Director of international and student unit of Istanbul AREL University, with “Asre Qalam” Group was on behalf of this university principals. In this visit, Siroos Ghafourianfar explained about the activities, progress and potential, as well as the formation and history of the” Asre Qalam” Group.

In this meeting, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between “Asre Qalam” and AREL University regarding the expansion of cooperation in the field of holding short-term training courses, seminars and conferences, in which “Asre Qalam” was introduced as the representative of this university in Iran.

Dr. Karam Jan Erikjenoglu concluded ;”The two groups are looking for more relationships and collaborations on specialized courses in the field of developing business knowledge and work skills,”.