Webinar Change Managing by creating models for companies’ sustainability- 07, February , 2023

Date: 07, February 2023

Speaker: Prof. Fred Ludolph

Time: 10:00-17:00

The webinar started at 10:00 am with the introduction of the title and content of the training course as well as the professor’s resume by Mrs. Mina Alavash, the director of international affairs of Asre Goftegoo Qalam Institute.

Prof. Fred Ludolph started his speech at 10:15 first about the experiences and history of his business life and then about the following content:

  • The world of VUCA (Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity _ Ambiguity)
  • A short time travel about leadership from 1850 up to now;
  • Craft Manufacturing Age 1850-1900
  • Industrial Age (Mass Markets- Supply Markets) 1900- 1970
  • Knowledge Age (Globalization – The world become more VUCA) 1970 up to now
  • The difference between Complexity & Complicatedness
  • Adaptive management Cycle
  • Success profile of leaders – 10 Characteristics
  • Emotional Intelligence – 5 domains
  • Mc Gregory X Y theories
  • Open space technology

 This webinar was conducted through a Click meeting, in which all the questions were answered by the professor during the teaching process.

Participants will be given a webinar attendance certificate from DMAN Academy.