Continues Productivity Promotion and Cost Reduction in Organizations- Japan- 18th -26th February, 2024

The 3rd Vocational Training Tour to Japan – Tokyo & Osaka

Date: 18th – 26th February, 2024



Date: February 20th, 2024

Visiting the Health Care-Tokyo Exhibition

The first event of this Vocational Training tour was visiting the Health Care-Tokyo exhibition on February 20 at the permanent location of Big Sight Tokyo International Exhibitions. In this exhibition, more than two thousand exhibitors displayed their products to the visitors: including medical and welfare equipment, both hospital-clinical and para-clinical, herbal and organic medicines, skin health products, and all kinds of dietary and various hospital food and drinks. In this exhibition, it was a good opportunity for Iranian business people of the private sector to have B2B meetings with the companies whose field of activity was related to each of the mentioned products.

Date: February 22nd, 2024

Training Seminar

Seminar Topics:

  • The essential points in Contract writing
  • Increasing productivity in organizations with the approach of eliminating defects


– Mrs. Mina Alavash

– Professor Jun Sugiura

The second event – February 22, was a successful seminar that was held at the Prince Tower Hotel in Tokyo. In this seminar, which started at 8:30, Ms. Mina Alavash was the first speaker whose topic was: important and essential points in international business contracts’ writing, including specialized vocabulary – introducing the parties to the contract or memorandum – the content and substance of the laws according to the negotiation conducted before writing and signing the contract. The second speaker Prof. Jun Sugiura talked about productivity management and continuous improvement in organizations. In this speech, Mr. Sugiura pointed out the importance of Kaizen. In this meeting, many questions were raised about how to implement the Kaizen plan in factories, Professor Sugiura answered each and every question. In his answer, Professor Sugiura pointed out that, in the implementation of kaizen in factories, managers should only listen to expert consultants in the kaizen plan and should not implement their thinking and their ideology, only guidance should be taken because they are not familiar to the structure and strategy of that company. For execution and implementation, they should take help from the experiences and thinking of their employees and engineers, because the employees of the factories should run the guidance and plan according to the approach and strategy of the company.

At the end of the training session, in a ceremony, Prof.Sugiura, the director of the WBA organization and the professor of the Kaizen course, awarded certificates of attendance to each participant and took a souvenir photo.