National meeting of economic jihadists, with the slogan of strengthening the country’s economic power and foundation – February 8, 2023

According to the public relations report of the “Asre Qalam” group, the fourth nationwide meeting of economic jihadists was held and focused on the security of investing in high-risk businesses with the spiritual support of the ministries of “Samt”, “Cooperation, Labor, and Social Welfare”, Tehran Chambers of Cooperatives and Guilds, with the presence The saga of entrepreneurs and managers of economic enterprises and with the slogan of strengthening the country’s economic power and foundation on 8 Feb 2023, at the IRIB international center hall.

In this meeting, the speakers presented valuable words as follows:

  • Shahriar Shafiei – Ph.D. in Marketing and Branding
  • Farhanaz Rafe, head of Iran’s National Carpet Center
  • Katereh Ostad Rezaei, member of the board of the Tehran Cooperative Chamber and the deputy of cooperative and union affairs of Tehran Province and the women’s commission of the Iran Chamber
  • A panel of prominent professors gave speeches in this seminar, such as:
  • Dr. Mohammad Khalidi (Director General of the Economic Affairs Office of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad and member of the scientific staff of the Planning Research Institute)
  •  Dr. Mehdi Sotoudeh
  •  Dr. Mohsen Hajarian (Member of the American International Management Association)
  • Dr. Ali Ayini Turkani (member of the scientific board of the Business Studies and Research Institute)
  • Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Raiszadeh (Secretary General of Iran Textile Industry Association)

  • The topic of the panel: appropriate organization of supply and demand markets based on the competitiveness of commercial and economic enterprises – recognition and examination of business challenges and familiarization with global CRM methods – familiarization with interaction techniques with customers and stakeholders of economic enterprises – Reduce costs

It should be mentioned that at the end of this meeting, the best entrepreneurs and managers of economic enterprises were appreciated.