The first Summit of Entrepreneurial Managers- February 15, 2023

Venue: International Conference Center of the National Library of Iran

According to the public relations report of “Asre Qalam” group, the first Summit of entrepreneurial managers with the aim of developing entrepreneurial and job capacities with a focus on value creation, job creation, and economic prosperity was held on February 15, 2023, at the International Conference Center of the National Library of Iran.

In this Summit, which was organized by the cultural and artistic institute “Asre Gofetego Qalam” and with the presence of top entrepreneurship professors and managers such as Dr. “Kamran Sehat” the speaker and the top domestic and international brand consultants and “Mohammad Reza Ansari” who is active in the business field, discussions such as Familiarity with global techniques of interaction with customers and stakeholders of economic, production and service enterprises; new principles and methods of branding and familiarity with the needs and strategies of attracting changes in customer behavior and expectations, the role of digital marketing and social media in branding collections, familiarity The principles of human resource management and cost management in the current conditions of the country, as well as the role of facilities and incentives in the development of value creation and employment creation, were examined, and all these issues are considered among the most important axes of this summit.

“Majid Damadanjad”, the executive secretary of the first Summit of entrepreneurial managers, said: the secretariat of this Summit took the initial steps in September of this year with a focus on value creation, job creation, and economic prosperity, and it was successful in the trade union arena and industry to complete its work by inviting more than 400 economically active units of the country and addressing various issues.

Also, in order to hold its first Summit, this secretariat was able to honor more than 120 economically active units that had managed to register honors in the domestic and international arenas by completing the process of graduation and evaluation, and invited Iranian prominent scientific professors and two of the country’s executive officials, including Dr. Tavakol Nia, legal advisor of the Iran-Turkey Chamber and member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce Women of Tehran, and Mrs. “Ostadrezaei” a member of the board of the Tehran Chamber of Cooperation and the deputy of cooperative and union affairs of Tehran Province from another department. Lectures continued on topics such as not being deceived by satellite advertisements in relation to investing in Turkey, the low level of academic knowledge of Turkish universities compared to Iranian universities, higher experiences of economically active units such as women in beauty services, investing in Russia And the existing capacities in the body of the Iran Cooperation Chamber.

Dr. Kamran Sehat: In my opinion, there will be no development in the world and in the field of business unless the people themselves, as the owners of any complex, are able to change their views, thoughts, and actions, in other words, a transformation in every aspect in people. If it does not appear, no additional income will be added to his income and in general, there will be no change in the income limit.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Ansari, an activist in the field of business, also said in this Summit: Since statistical data about business was presented in this Summit, it can be said that it will show, the field of business and entrepreneurship in What path have we taken in these forty years and where will we go in the future?